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Case Study: SEO

Transforming online presence and achieving top Google Rankings for a leading pool construction company.
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SEO Case Study: Compass - The Swimming Pool Company

Project Overview
Client: WAFI Industrial
Company: Compass - The Swimming Pool Company

When Zarwaa took over the project, Compass was primarily engaged in swimming pool cleaning and the trading of swimming pool products. The management decided to shift the company’s focus to swimming pool construction. Zarwaa was brought in to facilitate this transition through comprehensive rebranding and SEO optimization.

Rebranding and Website Revamp

Upon being informed of the business change, Zarwaa immediately suggested and executed a complete rebranding for Compass. This included redesigning the company’s logo and all associated write-ups. Zarwaa also completely revamped the website, ensuring it was visually appealing and aligned with the new business focus.

Website Optimization and SEO Audit

Once the website redesign was complete, Zarwaa focused on optimizing the content. The team utilized highly efficient images, minified scripts, and implemented caching to ensure instant loading times. An SEO audit was conducted with premium service providers such as Semrush and Ahrefs to identify areas for improvement.

Technical SEO Enhancements

Zarwaa worked on the technical aspects of SEO, ensuring the hosting was highly responsive. All pages were meticulously added with SEO meta data, social media integration, and necessary schema. This comprehensive approach ensured that the website was fully optimized for search engines.

Local SEO and Content Strategy

Zarwaa placed significant emphasis on Local SEO, ensuring that all local listings were 100% complete and up-to-date. The team began writing blogs that focused on important keywords and potential search terms, making sure the content closely aligned with the company’s SEO strategies. This was complemented by an aggressive backlinking campaign targeting high-reputation sites.

Analytics and Continuous Monitoring

To track performance, Zarwaa integrated analytics and custom tracking tools, listing the site on Google’s Search Console and monitoring it periodically. The team also linked the website in various places, including email signatures, to increase visibility.


Thanks to the high-quality content, frequent postings, and continuous online presence, Compass’s ranking rapidly improved. Within two months, the website achieved a 2nd-page ranking on Google. Over time, Compass secured a 1st-page ranking on Google for highly competitive search terms, including “Swimming Pool Contractors” in Google UAE.

Through strategic rebranding, comprehensive SEO optimization, and continuous monitoring, Zarwaa successfully transformed Compass’s online presence. The result was a significant improvement in search engine rankings, driving increased visibility and business growth for Compass – The Swimming Pool Company.

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